Rollin down the drive on our way to 2 + hours of hell.

Who's this guy wearing the skin suit?

My boy Douglas getting some for Team Polska

Bender looking for his first Beechwood jersey.

Kev Dog

Joe C

Joshua gettin some on the Milwaukee at Joe's Bowl. Sickter!

Barry D - my boy from CO - Before!


The Blaster was sick. The weather was perfect and the racing was hot. 1 and 2 lap racers were putting it down. Some of these guys and gals out there haven't ridden a bike much at all this year and they were getting after it. Super rad to see it. Then the 3 and 4 lap guys had at it. I seemed to put a little to much into the parade lap for some but I guess I was just excited. As we came around and headed out for lap 1, Maciej put the gas at full and was followed by Ronsta and Bender. After settling in to the race, Ronsta and Bender were out front being chased by pretty much everyone. After 3 beers and lots of leg cramps, the race was over. Barry hit the dirt only because he had so much power that he spun the wheel on a wet bridge and went down..... and of course, he was catching me. Yeah right!
Abbey won the women's 3 lap race.
Bender took the 4 lap men's title followed by Ronsta in 2nd and JC in 3rd.
Epic! See ya next year.